A writer, an artist, an amteur scientist, a fridge, a gnarly sugar maple and the last white rhino walk into a bar…


"You are one in a Tinder."

Battersea Concert Park

5000 words for people who are into the natural history of sound, flight paths, creative mischief and data that has not been captured yet.

Furthermore, it's an account of a critical design response revealing a rift between the visual and acoustic appearance of Battersea Park, SW 11 4NJ, London.


Forest Meditation 101

Find a comfortable place on the forest floor, ideally covered with moss. Lie down...


"Don't judge a laptop by its sleeve."

Intentional engineering – behaviour change through the lens of technology.

5000 words for people who are into investigating aggressive behavior against Glass, singularity by language, beaver dams, an axe and my smart friend Jon Gottfried.

Written with the demons of disruptive innovation hovering over my shoulder.


"We're not on the same breakpoint."

Trust your gut: Kefir

All you ever (or never) wanted to know about this particular symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.

It's an article in praise of adorable microbes, friendly bacteria and healthy live cultures.

In progress...
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